Policies & Guidelines

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AHS Publicity Policy Guidelines

In effort to maintain a beautiful campus, we ask that all members of the AHS community adhere to these posting regulations. Failure to do so will result in the removal and disposal of all materials. If the posting of a group’s materials causes damage to school property, the group may incur repair costs.

All postings must be approved and signed by the ASB Advisers, posted in permitted areas with the proper blue tape or clamp, and must be removed within two school days after the last day of the activity advertised. All postings as well as the blue tape or clamps used to hold the materials should be removed.

* Posters can be put up 4 weeks prior to your event but must be removed immediately after this period has passed

The ASB Advisers must approve and sign the following:

  • All printed materials to be distributed to teachers or students;

  • All material to be posted for public viewing on campus or within the city of Arcadia or neighboring communities.

Posting will be allowed in the following locations using blue painter’s tape or clamps:

  1. Footnote kiosks located by Library and Snack Bar w/ blue painter’s tape.

  2. On wires in hallways between B-H rows and west face of North Gym supported by clamp or blue painter’s tape only.

  3. Any other freestanding structure provided by group.

  4. Any requested showcase or display case.

  5. Poles

  6. Stucco surfaces on sides of buildings, upon which you may only use blue painter’s tape.

  7. “J” building rails upon which you may only use string.

Posting will NOT be allowed in these locations:

  1. Exterior of A-Building and the Science Building (Using interior bulletin boards is acceptable.)

  2. Lecture Hall (Brickwork)

  3. Lunch Pavilions

  4. PAC

  5. Glass & Doors including Cafeteria, A-Building, Science Building

  6. Fences (construction or otherwise)

  7. Exterior or interior fire extinguisher boxes

  8. Inside bathrooms, on the ground, or on ceilings

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus beautiful!

ASB Activity Approval Guidelines

General Activities:

  1. Activities will only be approved for organizations recognized by AHS or AUSD at time of submission.

  2. A meeting will be held prior to each semester to select fundraising dates. Those organizations not present or recognized by AHS/AUSD must apply for remaining dates after this meeting.

  3. Activity Changes must be submitted at least a week before the activity.

  4. All forms must be completed correctly before Executive Council approval.

  5. No events on Sundays unless approved by AHS/AUSD Administration.

  6. No lottery/raffle or games of chance activities that require purchase for entry.

  7. If 2 or more organizations apply for the same/similar activity for the same Executive Council meeting, both organizations will be contacted. Executive Council/ASB Office will not determine priority.

  8. An AHS Staff member must be present at all AHS related activities.

Food Item Fundraisers:

  1. All food items must comply with SB 12 regulations.

  2. Food items CANNOT be homemade.

  3. Food items CANNOT compete with cafeteria food sales.

  4. Only 1 food sale per semester per organization. No overlaps may occur.

  5. Only 1 organization may sell food during 1 calendar week. - If the calendar week has less than 5 days, the group CANNOT extend sales into the next week.

  6. An organization MAY NOT apply and sell a food item that is already approved for the following week by another organization.

  7. If an organization applies for and is granted a week for food sales and chooses not to sell, the organization will lose sale privileges for the remainder of the semester.

  8. The bottom half of the Potential Revenue Form is due when submitting your deposit.

Non-Food Item Fundraisers

  1. Non-Food Items may be sold for up to 1 month.

  2. Multiple items may be sold at the same time by different organizations.

  3. Similar items may not be sold at the same time.

  4. An organization MAY NOT apply and sell a non-food item or similar item that is already approved for the following month by another organization.

  5. The bottom half of the Potential Revenue Form is due when submitting your deposit.

  6. If an organization applies for and is granted a time period for non-food sales and chooses not to sell, the organization will lose sale privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Other Fundraisers:

  1. Car washes – 2 organizations can host car washes on the same day at different locations if mutually agreed upon by both organizations.

  2. Performances - Ticket sales for performances may overlap.

  3. Ticket sales do not require a separate activity application.

  4. Restaurant Fundraisers - Organizations may apply for multiple dates, max 5 dates per semester, 2 organizations MAY NOT hold restaurant fundraisers on the same night unless one is hosting a dessert fundraiser (e.g. Yogurtland).

Parking Agreement

Parking Agreement

  1. Fall Parking Permits are valid for the 1st Semester ONLY.

  2. I agree to pay a registration fee for which I will receive a parking permit and parking privileges in the student parking lot.

  3. I agree to complete the registration forms and have them signed by my parents. Forgeries will result in permits being denied.

  4. I agree to hang the permit in good view on the inside rear view mirror post.

  5. I agree to obey the traffic directional arrows, the 5-mile per hour speed limit and to park only is the spaces provided.

  6. I agree to lock my vehicle at all times so my permit will not be stolen, and I understand that the ASB and AUSD will be held harmless for any and all damage which may occur to my vehicle while using the parking lot.

  7. I agree to report a lost or stolen parking permit to the office of student discipline. HOWEVER, PERMITS WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

  8. I agree to follow all school rules (no drinking, no smoking, etc.) while in the parking lot and will not loiter in the lot during school hours.

  9. I understand that if I drive more than one vehicle to school that each must be registered. I will be responsible for transferring the permit to the vehicle I am parking in the lot.

  10. I understand if I park in the student parking lot without a permit or one that is not clearly displayed, I run the risk of receiving a citation from the Arcadia Police Department.

  11. I understand that I must observe all school and state laws pertaining to vehicles and their safe operation.

  12. I understand that if I am in possession of a lost, stolen or forged parking pass, I may be suspended from school and may lose parking privileges.

  13. I understand that any violation of the above rules may result in the loss of parking privileges without a refund.

  14. I agree to park in the student lot for which I buy a permit, and if I park in the wrong lot I am subject to citation by the Arcadia Police Department.

  15. I agree that my vehicle will not be used to transport or store contraband of any kind and give my consent for AHS representatives to search my vehicle when it is parked on school property.

  16. I understand that my parking permit may be revoked or suspended for disciplinary reasons. Parking permits are non-transferable unless approved by the administration.

Please notify the ASB office if someone is parked in your spot. Do not park in someone else's spot.

Student Handbook

22-23 Student Handbook