Back To Schoop (August 18, 2022)

Kicking off the new school year, 500+ AHS Students attended the very first all-school bonding event on the second day of school. Serving a variety of ice cream and sorbet flavors with a toppings bar, students enjoyed upbeat music, and participated in Whipped Cream Slapping and the Not-My-Hands Ice Cream Eating Challenge.

Clubs Day (September 13, 2022)

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Arcadia High School's clubs set up their booths with beautiful posters around the S-building courtyard, lunch tables, and rally court. Clubs day was a great way for students to check out what clubs AHS has to offer and learn how they can get more involved in topics they are passionate about!

Homecoming Spirit Day 1: MINION MONDAY (September 26, 2022)

Kicking off Homecoming Spirit Week with Minions Day! For the lunch activity, students paired up into teams to play the Blindfolded Banana Grab! 

Homecoming Spirit Day 2: TYPE TUESDAY (September 27, 2022)

Students dressed up as their "type" and played the Couple's Ramen-Eating challenge during lunch! It was a lot of fun getting to see everyone's fun outfits!

Homecoming Spirit Day 3: DYNAMIC DUO WEDNESDAY (September 28, 2022)

The hallways were filled with dynamic duos on this sunny wednesday. Students played charades as the lunch activity!

Homecoming Spirit Day 4: ADAM SANDLER DAY (September 29, 2022)

ADAM SANDLER DAY! For Thursday's Spirit Week theme, students dressed up in their baggiest basketball shorts and t-shirts to recreate the iconic Adam Sandler outfits. The lunch activity was Adam Sandler basketball. Students threw t-shirts into trash cans while the opposing team had to use fly swatters to block the other team from scoring.

Homecoming Spirit Day 5: Spirit Friday, Homecoming Assembly Photos, and Homecoming Royalty (September 30, 2022)

Students are decked out in AHS Spirit!! On September 30, we hosted our first in-person assemblies of the school year: The Fall Pep Assembly! Sports teams, Homecoming Royalty, SMW, Orchesis, and more were featured in our pep assembly! Royalty played Chariot Musical Chairs and the crowd came down with volunteers to play red light green light on rolling chairs. SMW performed it's annual Homecoming Dance and Orchesis performed their amazing set on the stage of the North Gym. 

Halloween 2022: FESTIVAL OF FRIGHTS (October 31, 2022)

To celebrate Halloween on this spooky Monday, ASB hosted a fun Halloween event at lunch called Festival of Frights! Students participated in a costume contest, an apple pie eating contest, and enjoyed getting decked out in temporary tattoos and star crowns. 

Holiday Spirit Day 1: MEETING MONDAY (December 5, 2022)

To kick off Holiday Spirit Week 2022, students dressed up like they were at an online video meeting: formal tops and comfy bottoms!

Holiday Spirit Day 2: TARTAN TUESDAY (December 6, 2022)

For the second day of spirit week, students dressed in their best plaid and flannel clothing!

Holiday Spirit Day 3: WHITE-OUT WEDNESDAY (December 7, 2022)

Snow in California? We wish! Students dressed up in their stylish white outfits for Holiday Spirit Week Day 3. We bring the snow to school! 

Holiday Spirit Day 4: SALAD DRESSING THURSDAY (December 8, 2022)

Underclassmen wore their best RANCHer outfits while the upperclassmen showed off their fun THOUSAND ISLAND tropical outfits! Students had a fun time getting creative with their salad dressing clothes and seeing everyone's unique take on this spirit day! At lunch, ASB served complimentary hot chocolate, held a Tug-Of-War contest, and had a temporary tattoo station. 

Holiday Spirit Day 5: FROSTY FRIDAY (December 9, 2022)

Closing off spirit week strong, students came to celebrate Frosty Friday at the rally court with their festive holiday gear. The photobooth had students smiling with Santa and his elves.

Winter Grams (December 16, 2022)

Showing appreciation and love this holiday season, students sent and received holiday winter grams! Each gram included a bundtini and hot chocolate. The treats were distributed at the rally court!

Hoopcoming (January 13 , 2023)

On January 13th, ASB hosted HOOPCOMING, a basketball tailgate to hype students up before watching our Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball play against Crescenta Valley. Students enjoyed mocktails, decorated DIY foam fingers, dressed up in star crowns, played giant jenga and NBA 2K2023, and enjoyed food from a Chanos Taco food truck!   

All-School Winter Pep Assembly (January 21, 2023)

The 2023 All-School Winter Pep Assembly was filled with lots of AHS spirit on January 21, 2023! Held at Salter Stadium, academic teams, Winter sports teams, and performing arts groups were featured at the assembly. Students dressed in class colors and cheered on all of the featured groups.

Love Is In The Air (February 14, 2023)

On Valentine's Day, ASB hosted "Love Is In The Air," a fun lunch event for students to take photos at the photo booth and get creative with temporary tattoos! It was so great seeing people in their pink, purple, white, and red outfits!

Spring Pep Assembly (March 10, 2023)

The Spring Pep Assembly was full of cheer and enthusiasm. The assembly featured groups with Arcadia Percussion, Worldguard/World Line, Spring Sports, Pep Squad, Staff members, and Prom Committee! At the Assembly, the 2023 Prom theme and location was revealed. The theme: “Lost in the Afterglow." Location: the Wallis Annenberg Building!