Parking Agreement

Parking Agreement

1. Fall Parking Permits are valid for the 1st Semester ONLY.

2. I agree to pay a registration fee for which I will receive a parking permit and parking privileges in the student parking lot.

3. I agree to complete the registration forms and have them signed by my parents. Forgeries will result in permits being denied.

4. I agree to hang the permit in good view on the inside rear view mirror post.

5. I agree to obey the traffic directional arrows, the 5-mile per hour speed limit and to park only is the spaces provided.

6. I agree to lock my vehicle at all times so my permit will not be stolen, and I understand that the ASB and AUSD will be held harmless for any and all damage which may occur to my vehicle while using the parking lot.

7. I agree to report a lost or stolen parking permit to the office of student discipline. HOWEVER, PERMITS WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

8. I agree to follow all school rules (no drinking, no smoking, etc.) while in the parking lot and will not loiter in the lot during school hours.

9. I understand that if I drive more than one vehicle to school that each must be registered. I will be responsible for transferring the permit to the vehicle I am parking in the lot.

10. I understand if I park in the student parking lot without a permit or one that is not clearly displayed, I run the risk of receiving a citation from the Arcadia Police Department.

11. I understand that I must observe all school and state laws pertaining to vehicles and their safe operation.

12. I understand that if I am in possession of a lost, stolen or forged parking pass, I may be suspended from school and may lose parking privileges.

13. I understand that any violation of the above rules may result in the loss of parking privileges without a refund.

14. I agree to park in the student lot for which I buy a permit, and if I park in the wrong lot I am subject to citation by the Arcadia Police Department.

15. I agree that my vehicle will not be used to transport or store contraband of any kind and give my consent for AHS representatives to search my vehicle when it is parked on school property.

16. I understand that my parking permit may be revoked or suspended for disciplinary reasons. Parking permits are non-transferable unless approved by the administration.

Please notify the ASB office if someone is parked in your spot. Do not park in someone else's spot.