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Election Candidates: 2010-2011 ASB Group 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Tung   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Executive Council Candidates:



 Student Rep

to the Board









ICC President

Amy Leonghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/amy%20leong.jpg

Hey fellow classmates! My name is Amy Leong and my middle name is making a difference. I've always enjoyed being involved in extracurricular activities and I believe the position of ICC President is taking a step closer for our school to become even better.
    Because I am currently an ICC representative for Red Cross, I believe that I have a good idea of what an ICC president does by observing meetings every Monday after school.  If you have ever seen me around, I've probably been wearing a club t-shirt - I actually have one for everyday of the week. At this time, I am involved in Red Cross Club, Leo Club, Chemistry Club, and Interact Club. So as you could tell, I'm pretty involved and dedicated to the different clubs on campus. I am also organized, responsible, and spirited to all aspects of our school and am willing to commit as much time needed to make these activities exciting, fun, and something you'll always remember.
    So remember to Believe, Become, and Belong with ICC President Amy Leong. :D


Rachael Tanghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/rachael%20tang.jpg

Hello my fellow Apaches, my name is Rachael Tang and I am a junior running for ICC President. For those of you who do not know what ICC stands for, it stands for Inter Club Council. The reason I am running for this position is because I feel that I can do the most in this position. The president of the Inter Club Council has to be organized, responsible and definitely not forgetful. I possess these qualities and more, which is why I chose to run for this particular position. If elected, I promise to be efficient and try to get things done as fast as possible to ensure your satisfaction with the way the clubs are being run. I will get information to you as soon as possible and you will definitely never be left in the dark. Because next year will be my final year at Arcadia High School, I will do my best to make it the most wonderful year possible. I will run everything smoothly and be fair in my decisions. I hope that you will make the right decision and vote for me, Rachael Tang, for your 2010-2011 Inter Club Council President. Thank you.

Carpus Tinhttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/carpus%20tin.jpg

Hello fellow classmates of AHS. My name is Carpus Tin, and I am currently a Junior running for ICC President. Throughout highschool, I have been extremely active in terms of extracurricular work, joining various clubs and councils on campus. Freshmen year, I became an active member of Key Club, attending most of the events they provided. I was soon urged to become an officer, and the following year, I was elected to be Historian as the only Sophomore on the board. I also joined FBLA in Sophomore year, being appointed co-concert director of a FBLA charity concert. It was during that year that I really began to understand what it takes to become a leader. Junior year, I was elected as the first Junior to become President of Key Club. I was also elected Technology Chair of the National Honor Society and Historian of Orchestra Council. This past semester, I was able to lead a service club of roughly 160 members, serve on 2 other officer boards, all while maintaining straight A's in 5 weighted classes during the toughest year of highschool, and I believe that these experiences qualify me for being a part of ASB this coming year.


Student Representative to the Board

Micaela Ieonghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/micaela%20ieong.jpg

Hey Arcadia! My name is Micaela Ieong and currently a junior running for the position of Student Rep to the Board. Why should you vote for me? Well, I am outgoing, persistent, and I always try my best. Although I do not have any experience in the student governement, I have the ability to open up and learn new things quickly. As a girl scout, I gained leadership experience by working with others. I know all the hardwork that is involved and ready to dedicate my time. So, remember to vote for Micaela Ieong as your Student Rep to the Board! Thanks! 

Michelle Kimhttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/michelle%20kim.jpg

My name is Michelle Kim and I am once again running for Student Rep to the Board. As the current Student Rep, I have learned so much. Although I may be lacking in some areas and currently a stressed out junior, I'm still able to successfully compile reports and attend 5000x meetings (exaggeration intended).
Back when I was "fresh meat," I was the Freshman Senator. As a Sophomore, I was a Student Rep in SSLT, SSC and a member in SCOC. And as a Junior.. well I happen to be the Student Rep to the Board!
Next year, if I am re-elected as the Student Rep, I have 3 goals in mind:
-improve communication between the student body and the Board by perhaps instilling a website or a different communication system headed by the Student Rep
-emphasize and correctly represent student life to the Board  to improve school environment and help students succeed even further
-spread information on SSC, SSLT, and the Board to the student body efficiently
With these specific goals in mind (and more to come), I hope that YOU will help re-elect MICHELLE KIM as the STUDENT REP TO THE BOARD.
Thank you!!

Harrah Chianghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/harrah%20chiang.jpg

My name is Harrah Chiang and I am a junior running for Student Rep. to the Board. Junior year has exposed me to an increase of homework, problems concerning everything, and lack of sleep, but I believe that these obstacles have helped me learn the importance of responsibility. Student Rep. to the Board is a position that requires organization and I believe that I am well qualified for it. You can trust that I will represent the junior class with pride and honor! Persistence is also critical for this position and I can guarantee you that I will ensure things to get done when they need to be done. I can list many reasons for my candidacy, but why bore you?  So I’ll give you the best reason of all; I believe that my ideas will benefit your stay at AHS and improve our school environment for the better; and trust me, I mean every word. You won’t regret choosing me for this position! On the ballot, look for the palindrome and put a check next to Harrah Chiang for Student Rep. to the Board!  It’s the smart AND cool thing to do!! THANK YOU!


Activities Commissioner

Jessica Hehttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/jessica%20he.jpg

Hello, Everyone! My name is Jessica He and I'm running for ASB Activities Commissioner. ASB has been something I've always lusted to join. However, I have always been relatively shy when election time came around; I was always too terrified that my hopes of being on ASB would be completely shattered if I lost in an election. However, I will be graduating in June of next year, and I want to make the best out of my senior year and have no regrets, I have decided to finally run!
I believe that I am apt to dedicate myself to all the tasks designated for an Activities Commissioner. I have leadership experience from being an officer of FBLA, and after partaking in band as a junior, I have learned to juggle academic classes with extracurriculars. By being in ASB, I hope that I can have a more active role in the student body and gain more exposure to all the student activities on and off campus.
So remember to vote for Jessica (Yu) He, to deal with your Activities! Thank you!

Andrew Yehhttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/andrew%20yeh.jpg

What’s up AHS?! Hi my name is Ren-Kai, otherwise known as Andrew Yeh (pronounced YAY) and I’m running for next year’s ASB Activities Commissioner. I believe I am the most suited to be in this position mainly because I am always prepared, and due to my role as the Vice-President for Pre-Med Club, which includes planning out all the activities, I have the experience to excel as your 2010-2011 year ASB Activities Commissioner. I believe that school activities should be like taking a breath from the immense stream of education that is being poured upon us every single day. As a result, if I am elected as your Activities Commissioner, I will be sure to make each and every event as BOMB as possible. Now who wouldn’t like to just relax and have fun? I know all of us at Arcadia do, so just conform and join the fun.
So together now, vote for ANDREW YEH. CAN WE DO IT? YEH WE CAN!

Enid Leehttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/enid%20lee.jpg

This is my statement for the 2010-2011 executie counsel.
My name is Enid Lee and I’m running for ASB Activities Commissioner. I qualify for this position because I am organized, outgoing, and responsible. As your Activities Commissioner my responsibility is to help organize and approve the activities occurring at the high school. I help to make sure that everything is ready to go and that there are no last-minute conflicts. The reason I would like the become your 2010-2011 Activities Commissioner is because I would like to help make this upcoming year one of the best years of your high school life. Since I am a member of the class of 2011, I would like to provide my senior classmates with a year to never forget. So if you’re looking for a great 2010-2011 school year, vote for me Enid Lee.

Joanne Kanghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/joanne%20kang.jpg

HEY EVERYONE! My name is Joanne Kang and I'm running for Activities Commissioner! I'm currently a sophomore in orchresta and beginning dance. I haven't been on ASB at AHS but i was in ASB in middle school. I know there's a BIG difference but i'm willing to take that challege and persevere with the different obstacles along the way. I know it's a huge task being Activities Commissioner, but i'm willing to go that extra mile so remember to vote for me, Joanne Kang, as Activities Commissioner!


Publicity Commissioner

Annie Huanghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/annie%20huang.jpg

Do you think our school is beautiful? I think it just needs a little touch of Annie. Hi, my name is Annie Huang and I am currently a Junior at Arcadia High. I have been part of the choir department for three years now and I am currently in Chanteurs. I promise to fulfill my job as Publicity Commissioner to the best of my abilities because I am always committed to what I do. I like to make everything I do enjoyable and creative so by being Publicity Commissioner I can utilize these skills as I make posters for our school and manage our website. I will give this job my 99.9999% because I realize everyone makes mistakes. So vote for Annie Huang as your publicity commissioner!

Orenda Duonghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/orenda%20duong.jpg

As you’re sitting there comfortably staring at your computer screen, you’re probably looking for something relatively interesting to look at. Have no fear, Orenda Duong is here! :) First things first, my name is Orenda Duong (don’t forget it!) and I’m running to be your ASB publicity commissioner. I may seem like just your typical teenage girl, but I’ll let you in on some things that might change your mind…
#1: Not only is my name unique, but so is my personality, so try me! I bet I can make you smile =)
#2: Experience?! Check! I am currently the publicity commissioner for both Key Club and Vietnamese Club, so you know can count on me.
#3: Devotion. Persistence. Creativity. I wholly contain these qualities needed for the job; I will always stay committed to my duties through the thick and the thin.
I know I have what it takes (and more!) to be your ASB publicity commissioner… but I can’t show you what I’ll do until YOU elect me! So…call me crazy, call me Oreo, or call me Orenda… All in all it doesn’t matter because hopefully, you’ll be calling me your ASB publicity commissioner! Thank you! :)

Jinnee Leehttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/jinnee%20lee.jpg

Hello students of Arcadia High! This is Jinnee Lee speaking.
Does that name seem familiar to you? If not, I would like to introduce myself again. My name is Jinnee Lee and I am running to be your next Publicity Commissioner. I am ready for the 2010 elections! For the past three years, I have participated in many school activities, got involved in various school clubs, and played on the golf team. But never had my ambition gotten this big. I desire to be part of ASB, particularly Publicity Commissioner, to instill spirit and get students involved in school activities through prompt updates on the school website. Now, I am ready, but are you ready for me?

Lunch Commissioner

Fannie Chianghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/fannie%20chiang.jpg

Hello There :)
Is exactly 41 minutes of lunch too short? Well, luckily, I can MAKE it seem like it lasts forever!! Lunchtime is probably the only time you see your friends and because it isn’t that long, I am determined to make it the best time of your school day. My name is Fannie Chiang and I want to be your future ASB Lunch Commissioner! As a candidate, I am 100% motivated, committed, and ready to be your Lunch Commissioner and with YOUR VOTE, I can prove my point! I believe that I have what it takes to become Lunch Commissioner because I am fully devoted to this job and I love making people happy. When you reflect on your day, I guarantee the first thing you’ll think about is how happy you were at lunch and then you’ll think of WHO made it happen ;) As a current Sophomore Council member with endless experience, I want to continue my path of leadership and be in ASB. Why Lunch Commissioner? Well, I want you guys to love lunch as much as I do :) Don’t forget; vote Fannie Chiang for your 2010-2011 Lunch Commissioner! Thank you for reading! (:

Happy Vuonghttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/happy%20vuong.jpg

Hey everyone! My name is Happy Vuong and I’d like to tell you guys how I came up with my Oh so remarkable campaign statement. I was sitting in 6th period with one of my friends and we were googling up “funny jokes for intro to speech” and the result was that jokes are out and stories are in. So….. Here’s my story! Once upon a time there was a girl name Happy, she was born to be ASB Lunch Commissioner because of her charismatic personality, ability to socialize, and lead, and her limitless creativity. She is also a great listener and consider others opinion. With courage and many supporters on her side, she was able to win; making her the ASB Lunch Commissioner of 2011!! She then lived happily ever after, THE END! So yes, please make my awe-inspiring story come true and help me create our own happily ever after at Arcadia High school by voting for me, Happy for your next ASB Lunch Commissioner and I promise that I will do my best to make all of you guys HAPPY TOO!! NOW THAT’S FOOD FOR THOUGHT! ;)

Jonathan Kimhttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/jon%20kim.jpg

Hello anybody and everybody taking their time to read these campaign statements. My name is Jon Kim and I am running for your asb Lunch Commissioner. I have the previous experience as Freshman Boy's relations, in which i created many idea's for school spirit and productivity. Some of my distinguishing traits are that i am creative, outgoing, sociable, and funny. The reason i am running for Lunch Commissioner is because i feel like I have the more than capable attributes to make lunch and school spirit reach its full potential....... I DID WRITE THIS!!!!!.:D :D :D (for all you non-believers out there -_-) - Jon Kim

Layla Zomorodhttp://asb.ausd.net/images/M_images/Candidates/Spring_2010/layla%20zomorod.jpg

My name is Layla Zomorod and I am running for your ASB Lunch Commissioner. And let me tell you, I put the mission in Lunch ComMISSIONer. For it is my mission to improve lunches through my out of the box creativity, dedication, and whole-hearted spirit. A vote for Layla Zomorod is a vote for a bigger better lunch. Afterall, it is the most important meal. Reward your long, tiresome school days with a vote for Layla Zomorod as your next ASB Lunch Commissioner.


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