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Election Candidates: Fall 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Tung   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Joshua Lu


Hey Arcadia High! I'm Joshua Lu and I'm running for ASB Historian. Many of you may be thinking: "why is this guy qualified? why does this sound like every other campaign statement? why am i spending valuable time reading this?" Well, I prefer to be concise and I have been able to craft your answers into a nice six word statement:
Hey Arcadia High! I'm Joshua Lu and I'm running for ASB Historian. Many of you may be thinking... whoa - déjà vu? Worry not! I've got the cure! As the saying goes, "History repeats itself." Well, not on my watch. When those school days become so routine and everyday seems just like yesterday, I, if elected ASB Historian, will make tomorrow truly a new day. So break free from your routine, take a breath of fresh air, and vote Josh Lu for ASB Historian!

Amy Wang


3…2…1…SMILE! =)
Hello Apaches! I’m Amy Wang, and I’m running to be your ASB Historian. With years of ASB experience, specifically my last 2 years of class presidency, I have what it takes to serve the school and make YOU smile! Yes, make you smile :)
If elected as ASB Historian, one of my main responsibilities will be to record school events by taking pictures, so smile for the camera! Historian also chairs the Student Council Historical Commission, and with my experience, I know I have the leadership skills necessary for this position.
You could say that I’m experienced, dedicated, organized, etc. etc. – all the typical stuff. What sets me apart is that I LOVE this school and I love ASB with all my heart. Cheesy… but true!
Think of your vote as a smile. If you help me with your “smiles”, I’ll return the favor of giving YOU smiles by doing my part in the organization that makes school fun. With all my love and passion for serving AHS (and making you smile!), I can guarantee that I will do my absolute best and even more.
For many more smiles this year, remember: Amy Wang for Historian!


Freshman Class President

Benjamin Kim



Hello Apaches!
My name is Benjamin Kim and I am running for 9th grade class president! I'm running for this position because I believe that I'm ready to lead this school with pride and dignity. I'm five feet and seven inches of fun and I assure you that I will try my best. I have many connections throughout the school and I have already had prior leadership experience. My humorous personality and enthusiasm will make your school year a blast!

Carrie Zhang


Salutations! I am Carrie Zhang, a ninth grader running for your Freshman Council President. The reason why I want to be the Freshman Council President of the 2010-2011 school year is that I want to kick off the start of my high school years as a leader and I want to participate in something to really become a part of Arcadia High School. I am extremely outgoing, fun and full of ideas but I am also a hard worker and fairly goal oriented. I have also had several years of past experience as a school leader since I was in Student Council my last two years of elementary school, two out of three years in middle school and ended my last year in middle school as President of the Student Council. I sincerely hope to be your Freshman Council President. If elected, look forward to an awesome year of fun!


Freshman Class Senator

Nicole Lee


Howdy Apaches!
My name is Nicole Lee and I am running for Freshman Senator. I believe that my commitment and determination makes me the most qualified candidate. I understand that this position is very demanding, but I, Nicole Lee, am willing to take that challenge!
In middle school, I have been a representative for the School Cite Council, a member of a leadership group called PALS, and a leader in Student Council for all 3 years! I am nothing BUT prepared for any hardships that are to come!
I will put 100% (not like those 99.9% antibacterial hand-sanitizers) of my effort into this job to fulfill my responsibilities and duties of being a Freshman Senator. I am ready to take on this job, but for me to acquire it, I need your votes. So VOTE for NICOLE LEE as your FRESHMAN SENATOR. If you see me around school give a wave or a smile, and I will be happy to smile back. ^-^


Freshman Class Vice President

Andrew Chung


Hello! My name is Andrew Chung and I’m running to be the Freshman Class Vice President. I am running for this position, because I would like to help to make this year as fun as possible. I also believe that I am capable of successfully maintaining this position. Some traits that describe me include being responsible, fun, organized, outgoing, hard-working, and being a leader. Along with these qualities, I also have past experiences with student councils. I was part of my student councils for both elementary and middle school. In my 8th grade year, I was elected as the president of the entire student council. So although I am not completely familiar with Arcadia High’s student council, I am certainly not without any experience. Please vote for me for Freshman Class Vice President!

Alana DeBlase



Good Afternoon, Buenos Dias, and Ta Jia Hao
Class of 2014
My name is Alana DeBlase and I am running for freshman vice president. Let me give you 5 good reasons why you should vote for me
I’m passionate, and I’ll speak up for you, your ideas, needs, and wants
I have years of experience being on student council and know what it takes.
We have sophomore, junior, and senior dances, but there’s no freshman dances! If elected, I’ll do everything in my power to have a special dance just for us
I will work with the freshman council to implement your ideas. I’ll do this by having a suggestion box.
I will try to do fun activities more frequently in the rally court.
Many of you enjoyed spirit week, so I’ll try to have more days like pajama day, crazy hair day, & many other way to get you involved. If you elect me, I will try to make sure everything I’ve said happens. I am willing to go above and beyond to make sure your freshman year will be most memorable. Vote Alana D. for freshman VP!

Nathaniel Suriawijaya


Dear Fellow Apaches.
I am proud to be your Class 2014 Vice President candidate. Thank you to all of you who have supported me, KEVIN SURIWIJAYA, by signing my petition.  I would also like to thank those of you who decide to VOTE for me in the upcoming election. If I do in fact become your Class Vice President, I promise you that I will fulfill all of my duties and MORE. For the MORE part, of course, we will make our activities MORE interactive and fun. Being a person who is not only dedicated and optimistic, I am also a person who respects other’s ideas. By getting you involved in the idea creation, we can make the MORE happen!


Freshman Class Treasurer

Kelly Chang


Hi my name is Kelly Chang and I am running for the position of freshman class council treasurer.  All lot of you may be wondering why I would be the right person to run for the position, well, I can tell you.  The first time I entered Middle school, I fell in love with the club, ASB, so, I decided to run first quarter. With hard work and determination, my first run for ASB became a success. I’ve been in ASB for three years now with plenty of experience and plenty of leadership skills. Although I have never been treasure, catching on will be easy for me because I have seen how it is done. Each year my parents give me one thousand dollars to teach me how to manage money, with this great responsibility, I have learned how to handle money pretty well.  I hope all of you remember when you are looking at that ballot, trying to make a decision, put a check next to my name, Kelly Chang.

Albert Gianatan


Hey Apaches!
I’m Albert Gianatan (pronounced: “Glee” minus “L”-an-uh-tan) and I’m running to be your Freshman Class Treasurer!
Well, what distinguishes me from the other candidates, you ask?  Well, that’s a great question!  I am fun, outgoing, and very trustworthy (just look at that face).  I am very involved around school, having been a Peer Tutor and a part of Drama Production last year, and currently an excited freshman member of AHS Speech and Debate.  Plus, I actually really enjoy math and dealing with money, so I’ll always be excited to do the work!
Now for my long, but catchy campaign joke/slogan:
Since it takes 46 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to smile,
if you vote for Albert for Freshman Treasurer,
you’ll never have to use more than 17 muscles on your face (what a knee slapper).


Freshman Class Secretary

Caroline Chen

Hey. My name is Caroline and I’m running for freshmen secretary for class council. The reason why I want to try out for secretary is because I want to try something that I’ve never done before. I want to break out of my comfort zone and be in something extraordinary. This is my first year running in class council. However, I have been in other numerous leadership activities previously before I came to Arcadia High. I think… No wait. I know that I can be a good secretary because I have substantially high dedication to our leadership program. For one, I will put 100% effort as I work as my position as secretary. Also, I have legible handwriting. I enjoy contributing with other people and sharing ideas with one another. I am trustworthy, responsible, and kindhearted. I know I will work my best as secretary until the end of the year. Even if the task is small, I will put all my focus on it. So vote for me! You won’t regret the decision you make. Thank you.

Michelle Kim


Hi guys! :D If you haven’t already heard, my name is Michelle Kim and I’m running for Freshman Secretary. This year, I’ve met some really great people in my classes and while petitioning during the mornings and lunch. But then I realized that great people deserve to have a great year as well. In short, I believe I’m qualified to be your secretary because I’m organized, responsible, and great at taking notes. Also, I’m motivated to make our freshmen year memorable, but I can’t do that without your vote. So please vote for me, Michelle Kim, as your freshman secretary. Thanks! :D

Wilfred Lee

Hey guys, my name is Wilfred Lee and I want to be your 9th grade secretary! Before I start, let me ask you guys: what DO secretaries do? Well, a secretary’s responsibility is to take detailed notes during meetings and be an excellent listener to everyone speaking . I sincerely believe my work ethic  and my attention to detail  will allow me to help me make this freshman class better.  In addition, I’ve been involved with ASB since 3rd grade and I was an officer last year. The reason I’m running for secretary is that I know how fun it is to be a part of ASB . Moreover, I want to contribute to this great school and make it better for the later generations of AHS students. Remember, my name is Wilfred Lee, and you can depend on me to make Arcadia High a better place for everyone!

Kenese Liang


Hey, my name is Kenese Liang and I’m running for class secretary. I’m going for this position because ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to be a secretary. I think being a secretary is cool because you get to organize everything and answer phone calls. But this is just high school so I don’t think I can do the same jobs as a real secretary. But for now, being a secretary means you have to take notes and organize everything so it can be easier for everyone. I’m very focused, great at note taking, and super neat. If you look at my room, my binder, and other stuff I own you can see that everything is organized and where everything is suppose to be. You can ask anyone and they’ll all say that I’m a very organized person. If you give me a stack of papers to file I can finish it in less than 10 minutes sometimes. Also, when I was in 5th  grade I started doing this small secretary job at my afterschool and I would do everything right. They would tell me to organize all the papers from Kindergarten to 8th grade into separate folders.


Freshman Class Girls’ Relations

Valerie Chang


Hello my fellow apaches,
            My name is Valerie Chang and I’m running for the office of Freshman Class Girls’ Relations.
            One of the reasons for my candidacy is that I love to serve. If there’s anything that you’d like to speak out about, I’m your girl! Let me know, and I’d be happy to “serve you” by being your voice at meetings. Another reason that I’m running for this office is that I have much to offer to ASB with my good ideas and interesting personality.
            A distinguishing trait of mine is that I’m very outgoing. I don’t mind making myself look “weird” for being extra enthusiastic during a theme day because if you don’t, what’s the point of it? I also have a good sense of humor, but I know when it’s appropriate to crack jokes and when it’s not.
            I have quite a history with ASB. In middle school I was 6th and 7th grade School Site Council Representative as well as ASB President in the 8th grade. 
            Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you have learned something about me and I look forward to learning something about you too!

Tina Zheng


Helloooo! I'm Tina Zheng, and I'm running for freshmen Girl's Relations! I would like to have this position because I want to contribute to this school with my ideas and decisions. I am very committed to my causes, and I do my best to make sure I fulfill my duties as a leader. I am very creative and friendly =), so come up to me at any time! Tell me about your ideas and what you would like ASB to change about the school, and I'll listen! And as for experience, I have been an active part of ASB for the last 4 years. I have cherished my time there and have gained lots of knowledge. I hope you'll support my efforts in this campaign so I can still be a part of this wonderful leadership group. Thank you! =)


Freshman Class Boys’ Relations

William Bonney


Hello, my name is William Bonney and I want to be your Class Boys Relations. For those of you who don’t know me, I am currently trying out for the Arcadia High baseball team and, to be honest, I hardly know what Class Boys Relations does. But I do know that he helps transfer students get adjusted to their new life as an AHS student. Now I remember my first day at this massive school which was not too long ago and I thought to myself how am I going to live like this. I also know I will do my best to help someone not have that lost and hopeless feeling. Another thing Class Boys Relation does is that he helps out with the other members of his class council such as fundraisers and other school activities. Class Boys Relations is not part of ASB, it is part of Class Council which consists of all positions available to the specific grade, only Class President and Senator is part of ASB. So don’t forget to vote for me, William Bonney, to be your Class Boys Relations.



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